Dr Turing Soc continues

Since the last post here, last year, I have had just too much on my plate. I am now trying to make certain that I am not on its committee.


The Doctor Turing Society

Since I last wrote, I have been working hard at my education and joined The Open University, studying computing. I am now in the process of founding a new computer society, along with several others. It is called The Doctor Turing Society, hence the name of this blog entry. We are looking for OU students to help run it, by joining its committee and to suggest what we can do as a group.

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A final note for #BSF15

About the tag I’m using; goodbye and thanks…

#BSF15 is the tag the festival organisers reccomended for twitter about this year’s festival. As soon as I noticed I added it to my festival reports. I hope it was to all of them. I will be aggregating the posts in this category to a separate page when I have some free time later on this month.

It remains for me to note that next year it will be in Swansea in Wales, at about the same time of the year.

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What colour is that music ?

A new use for diodes.On the last day of the main BSF15 festival this year I had a quick visit to the near future of local area networking. LiFi, a way of turning light sources into a rival to WiFi. Pritty soon the wifi radio spectrum will fill up and we will need to either use smaller and smaller transmitter cells or use a new transmission spectrum. Lifi uses visable light, the sort you get from light bulbs, to transmit a signal to and from a computer(s), in much the same way as wifi uses high frequency radio. This is related to an invention by Alexander Graham Bell called the photophone.In which sunlight is modulated by a sound-detecting diaphragm. According to our lecturer, the visable spectrum is thousands of times broarder, in terms data transmission than radio is. Also he noted, that a light source does not leak through walls, making lifi more secure than conventional wifi. The future here today!

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Arresting raman Spectroscopists

In one of the sessions this year I was privaleged to see a Raman Spectrometer, a kind of chemical analytical device. Untill quite recently, one of these would fill an entire room, cost millions of pounds to construct and be used only with the greatest of reservation. Now they are the size of a mobile phone and cost the price of a small car. They are finding uses in assuring chemical purity in factories, identitfying illegally manufactured drugs and assessing  chemical hazards. They are being used in  fire-fighting, in quality assurance, police work,and just about everywhere that chemical analysis is needed. In one scinario one may ask “what is that white powder in the box marked sugar ?” In another on may ask “is the spectroscopist lying ?”

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The Oldest Question in Politics

Who judges the judges who guards the guards ? Is one of the earliest questions asked of representative democracy. At the British Science Association we saw a new kind of voting behavior survery.Voters attitudes to various causes and opinoions about themselves were servyed. This lead to a conclusion that there are still some politicians who, though they are popular at the hustings , they are not the sort of person you would want to actually have in office.

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How hard could a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuk could chuck atoms

There is something special about General and special relativity. They have produced the most accurate numerical result known to science and are still advancing conceptually. One newer concept in relativity is that there is a maximum force that can be exerted on a body without it turning into a black hole.

Your atom chucking woodchuck can not exert more force on an atom than is needed to accelerate it to the speed of light


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we can light your way we can toilet your manner

Without Blue LED technology we would need 30 power stations more in the world than we have now. This is the equivalent of a new country the size of Belgeum appearing in the world and contributing to global climate change.This is because LEDs are considerably more efficient light producers than the florescent and filament bulbs they replaced. And you need a mix of red green and blue LEDs to simulate daylight. Blue LEDs are the most difficult of the visible light LEDs to make because they produce high-energy photons that need careful tuning of the chemistry of the light emitting layers. So far so good. This is the bit about lighting your way. Now as to the toilet refference. If you can produce even higher energy photons you can produce water-purification type UV diodes that do more than just light up the dark. And that is only current applications of LEDs.

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selective science reuptake inhibitors

There is one factor that persists in mental health and it is that most treatments work for some people but by no means all. This applies even to proven medicine, where we know objectively what the treatment is doing, inside the patient’s body. For this reason there has been a lot of interest in Mindfulness and what it says about how the mind works and how to use meditation-like practices in medicine. From the point of view of hypnotism mindfulness may seem to be just a trance but new research in the perception of such things indicates that mindfulness affects the mind of the meditator quite differently to hypnosis. The regular meditator it can now be shown is more aware of their own mental processes than the average person. The latest research seems to show that mindfulness actually alters the mind of the subject rather than being a process of selection by the self-aware.

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terrorist threat foiled

I was going to tell you about new hope for Schizophrenics  from the latest in medical reasearch on what the illness does to the brain. However, for about an hour , Bradford University had to be searched for bombs,bandits &c. so instead of the lecture on Schizophrenia we had a simulation of being bombed out because we had a to follow an evacuation procedure. Jokes were made about hearding cats, as we all hid in a generous-minded local theatre.

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